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Payzapp offer:- Earn RS 500 in this month(exclusive offer)

Payzapp offer

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Payzapp offer:- Hey guys hello and welcome back to Rechargeb. I hope you all are enjoying free recharge tricks,free Mobile recharge offer, online earning tricks,free Paytm cash earning tricks very much with us. And if you want to earn more in future then stay tuned with us. So today I have got an amazing Payzapp offer for you. And from this offer you can earn RS 500 in your bank account absolutely free.

Hey guys I'm am Arup you and today I am going to share with you an amazing Payzapp offer. So read this article till the end to know the full details of this Payzapp offer.

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What is today's Payzapp offer?

Payzapp launches this offer every month for all Payzapp users. And from this Payzapp offer we can earn RS 500 direct into our bank account. To grab this Payzapp offer you need two apps. Payzapp and PayUnow. I hope you grab this Payzapp offer every month.

1st offer:- In the first Payzapp offer you will get RS 250.

2nd offer:- In the second Payzapp offer you will get earn RS 50.

3rd offer:- In the third Payzapp offer you will get RS 100.

4th offer:- In the fourth Payzapp offer you will get RS 250.

So you can earn a total of RS (100+50+100+250)=RS 250.

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Steps How to avail this Payzapp offer

To avail this Payzapp Offers you have to download two apps. 1. Payzapp 2. PayUnow.

1.  So first of all download the above apps.

2. Then create a new account in both apps.

3. After that complete the minimum kyc verification process in the Payzapp app.

4. Next click on Balance on the top right corner then click on the plus icon and you will be in the add money section.

5. To avail these Payzapp Offers you have to add RS 4000 in your Payzapp wallet.

6) In the add money section enter amount RS 2000 and proceed. Because you can add a maximum amount of RS 2000 for the first time.After adding money for the first time just wait for the 4 hours and after 4 hours you can add RS 2000 again.

7) In this step you have to link your card. You can link your credit or debit card. You can also link your virtually debit card here.

8) To link your card you have to enter the card details.

9) After adding your card details proceed for the next step. Here you have to enter your cvv. And after proceeding you will get an otp in your card linked mobile number. Just enter the otp. And after entering the otp your money will be added to your Payzapp wallet.

10. Now open the PayUnow app. Here also you have to complete your minimum kyc verification process.

11) Then link your bank account in the PayUnow app in which you want receive the payment.

12) After that click on request payment option and enter amounts RS 250 and then proceed and copy the link.

13) Next paste the copied link in any browser.

14) Then enter your phone number and email address and proceed.

15) Now select Payzapp for the payment and process.

16) Instantly you will receive a push notification.

17) Just click on the notification and a pop up window will open.

18) Here you have to pay the amount of RS 250. But before that apply promocode PAYZAPP  in the got a promocode Option.

19) So the first offer is completed. You are now eligible to get RS 100 cashback.

20) Now for the 2nd Payzapp offer again request payment of RS 100 in the PayUnow app.

21) But this time in got a promocodes option apply promocode MISSYOU .And from this Payzapp offer you will get RS 25 Cashback. And you can avail this offer 2 times.

22) And for the third Payzapp offer request 4 payments in the PayUnow app of RS 250.

23) And pay all 4 payments using Payzapp app. But this time you don't have to apply any promocode.

24) And for completing this offer you will get RS 100 cashback.

25) And for the fourth Payzapp offer you have to pay RS 2500 by scanning the Bharat QR code. But now Bharat QR code is not available in the PayUnow app. If you have any screenshot of the QR code then you can avail this Payzapp offer.
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26) For this 4th Payzapp offer you will get 10% cashback up to RS 250.

26) The cashback amount will be credited to your Payzapp wallet within 7 working days.

27) And the money which you have accepted in the PayUnow app will be transferred to your linked bank account within 3 days.

28) So you will get a total amounts of RS (100+50+100+250)= RS 500 in your Payzapp wallet.

29) This Payzapp offer is valid from 1st January,2029 to 31st January,2019.

30) You can transfer the cashback amount to your bank account. And to do so you have to complete the minimum kyc verification process in the Payzapp app.

So guys that's all for now. I hope you have understand all the steps of this Payzapp offer. If you still have any questions regarding on this Payzapp offer then let me know in the below comment box. I'll help you. Also make sure to share this Payzapp offer with your friends so that they can also grab RS 500.

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